About Me

Who Am I?

Would you like to learn about me? My name is Kabir, and I’m the administrator of this site. My blog is about mattresses and bedding products. It is my hobby and my passion. I now have several other contributors to my website, www.mattressever.com. We seek to post new articles regularly, and we welcome any ideas you may have.

Why You Trust Us

Our articles on every subject are thoroughly researched. We draw from customer experience, industry journals and the observations of our team to provide unbiased reviews for products. We also give you detailed information on various types of products on the market so you can understand what others are selling.

We don’t just sell you specific mattresses. We give you specific information on the best mattresses in specific categories, such as the best mattresses for couples, the best beds for side sleepers and the best mattresses for those with chronic health problems.

We aren’t here to sell to you. We teach you how to maintain the mattress you have, protect the one you have and protect yourself from problems like bed bugs and dust mites. We share tips on how to extend the life of the mattress you already own as well as advise when you should buy a new mattress. Or you can learn about the history of mattresses from our educational section. Expect more useful information to appear on our site soon.

Why I Help You

If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you’re so tired that it has as much impact on your performance during the day as if you were drunk. If you don’t sleep well, your mental and physical health suffers. You have less patience and you’re in a worse mood, especially if your mattress aggravates health problems like a bad back or arthritis pain.

In this regard, helping people to find the right mattress for them and bedding products to help them sleep better has a major impact on their quality of life. I am changing lives every time someone finds the right bedding for them. They sleep better, their days are better, and everyone around them enjoys a happier, healthier person.

Legal Disclaimers

I own the site www.mattressever.com. I maintain intellectual property rights to all content posted on this site unless otherwise stated in the article itself. We do not allow for our articles to be copied and used elsewhere, with or without attribution. We own the rights to any and all testimonials that may be sent to us.

While we post reviews for various mattresses and other bedding products on our website, we do not list prices since that information is subject to change. We provide links to various products for the convenience of our readers, but we cannot guarantee that a product may remain in stock, and we are not liable if you are unhappy with the service the third party site provides when processing an order or delivering the product.

We provide general recommendations as to which mattresses work well for which customers, but you should consult with your doctor if your mattress selection impacts your health, whether you have medical problems like allergies or want to alleviate bed sores.