About Me

About Me

My name is Kabir. I have years of experience in the bedding industry, and I’ve started this site to answer questions that so many customers have.I run the site www.pillowda.com. All of our articles on this site are related to pillows and related items, such as the pillow cover. I not only spend quite a bit of time researching these products, but I also head a team of writers who work hard to provide the information you need. We provide honest, unbiased reviews of products like neck pillows, plush pillows, travel pillows,pregnancy pillows,lumbar pillows ,contour pillows etc.

Why We Do What We Do ?

We know that quality of life depends on how comfortable your last night’s sleep was. And the most important factor impact that, after your mattress, is your pillow. We also understand that pillows affect your quality of life in other ways, whether you need a back pillow to sit comfortably at work or need an elevation pillow to improve the circulation and healing of an injured limb.

We aim to provide clear, useful information to our readers regarding every product we review. This is why so many of our articles discuss the downsides of particular products as well as their strengths. You get far more value out of knowing when a pillow isn’t right for you than a laundry list of generic benefits. This helps you select the right pillow for you and your needs.

This is also why our articles tend to feature multiple competing products; you know which pillows are the best in a given category and you can select the right one from you instead of spending hours searching the web and trying to narrow down your hundreds of options. Now you can find the cheapest or best pillow on the list knowing that it has already been vetted by someone else.

Legal Disclaimers

I own the site www.pillowda.com. I own the intellectual property rights to all content posted here. Copying of this content for use elsewhere with or without attribution is a violation of the law. Contact the owner of this site if you would like permission for reprints. We own the rights to all testimonials and reviews on this website.

We may link to third party sites to provide useful information such as medical advice or sites where you can buy the pillows we discussed. We are not responsible for the content posted on those sites, and we have no control over what information they collect or how they use that information.

No content on this website is to be construed as medical advice. While we may provide information about how specific pillows seem to ease various conditions, you are advised to consult with a medical professional for personalized recommendations on what to do in your particular case.

Our site provides affiliate links to third party sellers of the pillows we recommend. We try to ensure that the product is in stock but cannot guarantee that at the time you click on the link. We have no control over their site’s terms of service or level of customer service. While we may reference prices as higher or lower than other brands in our reviews, we specifically do not list the price of the products because prices may change at any time.

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