The 08 Best Mattressess for Bad Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from the lower back pain you need a mattress that is firm enough to provide the necessary support. So, when shopping for the best mattress for bad lower back pain you must consider factors like softness, the breathability of the foam used, and the type of cooling mechanism the mattress employ. With so many options available in the market, selecting a bed that meets specific need and preference can be a daunting task.

Due to stiff competition amongst manufacturers and sellers, it is extremely difficult to note the difference between any two brands. Below are the best options to choose from and a quick guide that can help you make properly informed purchase decision.

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08.Nectar Sleep Mattress

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Featuring five layers Sleep Mattress provides a base of breathable foam on top of which is a very attractive cooling cover. It is designed specifically to deliver a sound level of support without compromising on comfort like some pillow-top mattress.

It molds to your body thus relieving all aches and pains, and soft on the surface and hence is gentle on areas you are sensitive. Even during hot seasons, Nectar helps you to sleep cool by regulating heat so as to provide an ideal temperature all night long. The price ranges from 425 for Twin size to 825 for Queen Size.

Outstanding features

Nectar is specifically designed to provide the optimum level of firmness, support, breathability and hence comfort.It comes with two free premium pillows eliminating the need to purchase the same separately. The cooling mechanism works perfectly to deliver your ultimate coolness.

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07.Layla Sleep Memory foam

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This mattress different firmness levels on each side (Medium-soft and firm) and as such you can choose the side that perfectly suits your condition. A thick three inches of memory foam on the medium-soft side
provides the best level of pressure relief.

This memory foam is additionally infused with copper, one of the best conductors of heat. Thermo gel in Layla reacts to your body temperature ensuring your body does not get too warm as you sleep. The mattress works with is designed for any foundation; it suits solid platforms with adjustable base, slated base or even box spring or foundation.

Outstanding features

The infused copper ( for cooling purposes) ensures you get a cool and sound sleep all night long.It features a Certipu-US certified Memory Foam implying it meets all the safety standards.It is medium firm on one side and soft on the other delivering two firmness levels in one mattress.

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06.Helix Sleep Custom Mattress

Helix offers mattresses that are tailor-made to your specific needs. You just answer a short questionnaire covering your special needs, after which the company will build your ideal mattress. For bad lower
back-pain, Helix will create a mattress that is adequately firm to support your back.

Prices of the various helix models start from 600 dollars for the Twin Size Model and can be as high as 1245 for California or Kings size mattress. The mattresses are covered with an irresistible 10-year warranty for any manufacture defect.

Outstanding features

The option to specify the features you need in your mattress means you get exactly what you need. Prices also vary meaning you can get a Helix mattress regardless of your budget.

05.The Casper Sleep Mattress

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Casper comes with a Zoned Support layer of foam that is soft beneath your shoulders and firm below your hips and core. This feature provides pressure relief and support in crucial areas and suits virtually all the
sleeping positions. Side sleepers will enjoy having their shoulders sink further away as the hips remain adequately supported. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, will appreciate the medium-firmness while back sleepers get a relaxed level of all-around support.

Besides being the best mattress for bad lower back pain, the mattress is comfortable and hence will leave you well rested all night long. Its base layers reinforce top layers thus making it durable. The open-cell top layer eradicates heat from your body using convention and conduction while the memory foam layer enhances airflow leaving you attractively cool and comfortable.

Outstanding features

It contains a pressure-relief, high-density memory foam that optimally supports your pressure points. The four top layers in this mattress balance softness and support while the base layers provide deep comfort.It is made with top-quality latex that guarantees cooling and bounce. Sleep Innovators memory foam mattress

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04.Sleep Innovators memory foam mattress

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The mattress’s SureTemp memory foam layer utilizes open-cell technology that has been proven to dissipate heat more evenly compared to classical foams for a quality night sleep. This layer is supported by a denser base of foam that provides strength and stability.

The 9-inch support block is a lot more support for heavier sleepers and does not develop soft sports with time. Buyers like most of the mattress’s firm surface. If you sleep on a surface that is too soft, there is a high chance that your back spine will curve beyond level, causing pressure points. The pressure points will either amplify or cause back pains.

Outstanding features

The memory foam in this mattress is naturally antimicrobial and dust mites resistant. It is designed to provide head-to-toe comfort as it keeps your body properly aligned It is also covered with fire resistant barrier for extra protection.

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03.Signature Sleep Memoir

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This model is available in three comfort levels; soft medium and firm. The firm type is not only ideal for people with back pain but also affordable. It features a 2-inch layer of memory foam and an 8-inch layer of
high-density foam. The mattress molds to your body’s shape thus providing your dream comfort as it relieves pressure points.

Thanks to its firmness, the mattress is perfect people who sleep on their backs or stomachs. The form used to manufacture Sleep Signature Memoir meets all the safety and comfort standards; it is free of ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury and heavy metals.

Outstanding features

The comfortable memory Foam distributes your weight evenly thus providing a balanced support irrespective of how you toss and turn. The soft cover is made of breathable fabric for extra safety and comfort.

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02.Perfect Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

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The smart air channels and gel beads solve the heat issues that plague its competitors. The gel plus feature consists of a 3-layer foam system complete with a detachable fabric cover. The second layer consists of
another 3-inch of bi-directional Air Flow Foam that provides ample airflow intended to regulate your sleep temperature and ensure you get a comfortable rest.

The layers collectively provide a sound amount of cushion without compromising on structure or stability making the mattress ideal for people suffering from lower back pain.

Outstanding features

The thick 3-inch layer of Signature Gel-Plus Memory Foam makes the mattress meet the coveted Goldilocks standard. The knit cover comes with a Mocha Ultra-Suede side cover that gives it a soft cover feel and an attractive look. The high-quality textile knit cover is fully removable for easy care and maintenance.

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01.Ultimate Dreams Supreme Mattress

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Ultimate Dream Supreme boasts of a supportive 8-inch poly foam base that has two layers of memory form both measuring a total of four inches. It is a quality budget buy with a true medium firmness. Anyone

suffering from lower back pain and who desires a mattress that is not too soft or too hard will find this model a perfect fit. It, however, delivers the finest amount of comfort and support thanks to its very comfortable contouring. A gel that is incorporated in the top layer helps sleepers remain cool
throughout the night.

Outstanding features

This mattress is not too firm and not too soft yet it provides ideal support and comfort. It compares with high-range mattresses at a fraction of their prices. It is exclusively made of high-quality materials

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The best mattress for bad lower back pain should provide adequate support for your natural curves and the alignment of your spine. It should also be comfortable and capable of conducting away heat to ensure you
have a cool and relaxing sleep. So, ask for the physical components of the mattress and settle for the type of padding, the number of coils and the amount of depth that meet your preference and needs. The above mattresses have all the features necessary to ease the lower back pain.

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