04 Common Pillow Top Mattress Problems

Pillow top mattresses are loved because they are soft and comfortable, which leads to your back and neck feeling great as you sleep on them. However, like with any other type of mattress, there are pillow top mattress problems to be aware of. Every mattress has its pros and cons. Today we will go over the problems with pillow top mattress so that you know what to expect.

Pillow Top Mattress Problems


The biggest problem with pillow top mattresses is durability. While the top will last years and should give you support for a long time, it isn’t as durable as the rest of the mattress. Innerspring and memory foam mattresses tend to be more durable overall.

This is due to the softness of the mattress. Much like with any other pillow (because it’s just one big pillow on top of the main mattress body) is that the softer material will break down quicker. Every mattress will get softer with age, but a mattress that is already soft will do it much quicker.

02.Heat Retention

Another one of the pillow top mattress problems is heat retention. A significant number of owners complain that the pillow top retains heat and can get uncomfortably hot to sleep on. This can lead to sweating, tossing and turning and difficulty falling and staying asleep.

This does not affect every owner, and even those who naturally sleep hot may not notice this depending on the mattress itself. However, it’s good to keep this in mind as a warning if heat is normally a problem for you.

03.Off Gassing

Every mattress has a period of off gassing that can last from a few hours to a few months, depending on the mattress itself and your environment (a more ventilated area will remove the smell quicker than a stuffy room). While this depends on the mattress itself, pillow top mattresses tend to off gas more than other mattresses.

The main problem is that the smell is more intense, which can be uncomfortable at first. The off gassing will stop, so this is not a permanent problem. Consider using a deodorizer to neutralize the smell even faster.

04.Hard to Move

Pillow top mattresses immediately contour around your body due to their soft texture and material. In many ways this is a good thing because it provides comfort and ensures your whole body is supported. However, the tradeoff is that these mattresses make it difficult to move.

The immediate contouring makes it difficult to turn if needed, plus the material resists movement and makes it difficult to get out of bed. The amount of resistance depends on how much pillow material is there. The thinner the pillow, the less resistance to movement. This can be good if you toss and turn a lot as it can reduce that, but it can be bad if you have arthritis or problems with movement.


These pillow top mattress problems can be annoying, but most are easy to overcome or situational depending on the mattress itself. Every mattress has pros and cons and it’s good to be aware of them so that you’re ready when the mattress arrives. Despite these issues, pillow top mattresses are loved by many because they are soft, comfortable and great to sleep on.

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