Casper Mattress Review in 2020-Unbiased And In-Depth (Don’t Miss)

Casper, which happens to be amongst the first mattress-in-a-box companies, is reputed for producing mattresses which contour lovingly while retaining a healthy bounce as well as a cool temperature. Although the company’s quite new on the market, it has gained the reputation of serving numerous individuals during the last few years.

However, a question might arise on whether it would be prudent to purchase this particular mattress from Casper given that there are a plethora of other companies out there. In the following paragraphs, we have provided a comprehensive Casper mattress review that will help you to decide which one to go for.


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01. Company Info
02. Casper Mattress Type
a. Original Casper
b. Casper Wave
c. Casper Essential
03. Casper Mattress Materials
04. Casper Mattress Layers
05. Casper Mattress Comfort
a. Casper Comfort
b. Casper Wave Comfort
c. Casper Essential Comfort
06. Casper Mattress for Health
07. Casper Mattress Quality by Consumer Reports
08. Casper Mattress Sizes
09. How Long does Casper Mattresses Last?
10. Casper Mattress Warranty
11. Casper Mattress Discount
12. Casper Mattress Return Policy
13. Casper Mattress Pros
14. Casper Mattress Cons
15. Our Verdict on Casper Mattress
16. Where to buy Casper Mattress?

01. Company Info:

This mattress is manufactured by Casper Sleep Inc. which is known to manufacture and also sell mattresses, pillows, and sheets. Moreover, it likewise offers dog mattresses, water-resistant mattress protectors, plus foundation support products for the mattresses. These products are offered by the company through retail outlets as well as online in the US.

Previously, Casper Sleep Inc. was known by the name Providence Mattress Company which was incorporated in the year 2013. Being based in New York, the company can boast of retail outlets in Los Angeles and New York City plus a pop-up outlet in Toronto, Canada.

02. Casper Mattress Type:

Next, in this Casper mattress review, we will talk about the Casper mattress types. These mattresses became immensely popular by the year 2014, and since then, the company has launched a couple of new designs so as to serve a wider array of customers. One of them happens to be the Casper Wave which is reputed for its top-notch design with a thicker profile intended for enhanced slumber benefits.

The other design happens to be the Casper Essential which is more inexpensive as compared to the Casper Wave and features a thinner design with only 3 layers of foam. Below, we have thrown some light on these 3 Casper Mattress types.

a. Original Casper:

Casper will definitely come to your mind whenever you’re thinking of online mattress brands. According to the company, it has got at least one perfect mattress for every single customer. This particular 10-inch thick mattress can boast of a universal feel providing a comfy balance between firm support and soft pressure point relief.

One can sleep in virtually any position thanks to this level of firmness. Using an all-foam material, this particular mattress type helps to create a better sleeping surface along with the responsiveness of latex and softness of memory foam. The original Casper is between the other 2 types when it comes to price.

b. Casper Wave:

This type happens to be an upgraded version of the original type mentioned previously. Featuring as many as 5 layers of foam, it is 11.5 inches thick and offers better pressure relief plus support. This will provide you with the best spinal alignment in different types of sleeping positions.

Apart from the upgrade mentioned earlier, you will likewise observe enhanced isolation of cooling properties, motion transfer, plus edge support. Despite these innovations, you will nevertheless get the advantages of free shipping, an astounding 10-year warranty plus a 100-night trial period.

c. Casper Essential:

The company produced this particular type so as to fulfill the demands of those customers whose budgets were limited. This particular type will offer only the basics featuring just 3 layers of foam. In fact, you will enjoy the same benefits as that of the original Casper without spending a considerable amount of money. This budget-friendly Casper mattress is just 8.5 inches thick and offers admirable pressure relief plus support. However, a query arises whether this affordable mattress can gratify the demands of any client who needs to use it for the long term.

The weight of the original Casper mattress is approximately 75 pounds. On the other hand, the Casper Wave is going to weigh around 65 pounds and it would be sensible to invite one of your friends to set up this new version. Each of these above-mentioned 3 types of Casper mattresses will provide free shipping and they will compress and roll-pack your order in a box so as to keep it safe while shipping.

Once it arrives, you simply need to remove the mattress from the box, and then remove its plastic wrapping. Don’t be surprised by the fact that it takes only a few seconds for the mattress to expand fully. Nevertheless, it might entail a couple of days to firm up fully.

03. Casper Mattress Materials:

Casper mattresses are manufactured from a special blend of 4 foam types including comfort foam, memory foam, transition foam, and support foam. The comfort foam offers support, bounce, and cooling, while the memory foam provides comfort as well as support.

On the other hand, the transition foam offers comfort by means of a consistent distribution of weight and the support foam helps to prop up your body so as to prevent you from sinking into your bed while sleeping. The mattress is likewise protected by a hand-sewn and custom designed cover which will surely complement any bedroom out there.

04. Casper Mattress Layers:

The original Casper mattress consists of 4 layers of foam which stack up to as much as 10 inches in height. The topmost portion is made up of a 1.5-inch layer. Apart from being breathable, this layer offers a soft feeling along with a responsive bounce.

The subsequent section happens to be a 4-pound 1.5-inch memory foam which helps to minimize pressure by means of a comforting contour. The 3rd segment happens to be a 2.5-pound 1.5-inch thick poly foam that distributes weight evenly thus offering deepened comfort.

At the base of this mattress is a 1.8-pound density 5-inch thick polyfoam which helps to create a resilient quality along with a solid feel supporting the entire body in the key positions. All these foams are protected by a polyester fabric which helps to add another half inch in height.

The Casper Wave mattress type derived its name from the wave-like materials present at the center of the mattress. This type happens to be 11.5 inches in height and is comprised of as many as 5 layers. The top layer is a breathable 1-inch thick Flo Foam which provides a high-end feeling.

The subsequent layer happens to be a 1.5-inch thick latex foam which is responsive to the movements of the individual sleeping on it. This will not allow the person to get stuck in one particular position. Next is the viscoelastic foam which is 1.5 inch thick and contours to each and every curve in the body.

There is a 1.5-inch thick resilient foam underneath this along with polymer network for enhancing the support of the person. The bottom part happens to be dense base foam which is 5.5 inch in thickness and helps to create precise spinal alignment. It likewise offers a consistent surface as well.

Lastly, we will talk about the Casper Essential mattress type which offers only the basic features including only 3 layers of foam. The top layer happens to be a breathable polyfoam which is 2 inches in thickness. Being quite soft to touch, this particular layer offers a responsive quality.

The subsequent part is the memory foam traditional layer which is 1 inch in thickness providing a supported contour. The final section is the dense base foam which is 5.5 inches in thickness offering remarkable support plus consistency. This mattress is protected by a resilient fabric so as to enhance the longevity of the product.

05. Casper Mattress Comfort:


a. Casper Comfort:

There is no doubt about the fact that the Casper mattress will provide you with extreme comfort in almost any position while you’re sleeping. Following a universal feel, it helps to create a surface which fulfills the requirements of almost every individual out there. When it comes to firmness, Casper mattresses usually rate between 6 and 6.5. It likewise provides adequate lumbar support for the back sleepers with contouring at the shoulders as well as the neck.

On the other hand, the side sleepers will likewise get fantastic support although many might feel this mattress to be a bit firm. It will not provide the ultimate pressure relief at the hip and the shoulders. However, the stomach sleepers will be able to sleep peacefully knowing that they have been provided with the much-needed firmness for preventing their back from bowing. Individuals of bigger proportions might demand a firmer design so as to obtain the best support required for the proper alignment of the spine.

b. Casper Wave Comfort:

The user might feel different firmness levels while sleeping thanks to the wave-like design of this product. This will offer them additional support whenever required and also pressure relief at the key positions. In general, this particular mattress type will provide a feeling that should gratify the majority of the sleepers out there. Luxurious softness along with impeccable support will help to produce the ideal comfort level required for uninterrupted slumber.

The lumbar will provide the best sleepers with extra support, while the stomach sleepers won’t feel any type of back bowing at all. Also, the side sleepers will be provided with effective relief from pain by focusing on the pressure points. In fact, denser foams have been used while designing the Casper Wave which offers a firmer feeling to the user as compared to the original version.

c. Casper Essential Comfort:

This particular mattress type had been designed for offering a universal comfort feeling. Being manufactured from a less dense material, it might prove to be a bit softer for those individuals who are rather obese. This will also be the same for the stomach sleepers who might entail a firmer feeling for optimum comfort. Consequently, this particular mattress type should not be suggested for any couple to slumber upon full-time.

Although this basic mattress type is quite inexpensive, it might lag behind when it comes to quality. Obviously, it would be prudent to shell out some more cash so as to find a more resilient option. Nevertheless, the Casper Essential should prove to be ideal for any lightweight individual out there.

06. Casper Mattress for Health:

Below, in this Casper mattress review, we will focus on some essential health benefits of using Casper mattresses.

  • These mattresses help to minimize any body pain including the neck, back, and shoulder pain.
  •  Casper mattresses are ideal for those individuals who are affected with allergic conditions.
  • These products will distribute body weight evenly while providing the much-needed support.
  • These are temperature-sensitive and will also help to reduce pressure points.
  • Casper mattresses offer pleasant and uninterrupted slumber at night.
  • The chemicals used in these mattresses are not harmful to the human body.
  • These mattresses are breathable.
  • Casper mattresses help to prevent germs, dust, mites, as well as parasites.
  • These are flexible and extremely elastic.
  • Casper mattresses are ideal for the side sleepers.

07. Casper Mattress Quality by Consumer Reports:

According to the Consumer Reports, the original Casper mattress is priced somewhere in between the other 2 varieties and is tailored to meet the demand of various types of individuals. It hardly matters whether you are tall, small, side or back sleeper, this mattress will not disappoint you by any means.

The Casper Essential is going to cost somewhat less, however, it falls short when it comes to quality. Being thinner, this mattress is able to support any average, petite or thin individual but is not ideal for the back sleepers who tend to be taller. Lastly, the Casper Wave is much softer but is far more expensive as compared to the original version. The overall performance of this type is quite nice, but, according to Consumer Reports, it is not worth the cost. In the end, the original Casper was rated by Consumer Reports to be the best among the 3 mentioned here.

08. Casper Mattress Sizes:

At present, Casper mattresses are obtainable in as many as 6 sizes namely, Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, plus California King.

Below, are we have mentioned the dimensions of each of these sizes.

  • Twin: 39″ W x 75″ L
  • Twin XL: 39″ W x 80″ L
  • Full: 54″ W x 75″ L
  • Queen: 60″ W x 80″ L
  • King: 76″ W x 80″ L
  • California King: 72″ W x 84″ L

09. How Long does Casper Mattresses Last?

We do not have much information regarding the longevity of these products from Casper given that they are relatively new on the market. However, it is known to all of us that the average lifespan of any mattress happens to be approximately 6 years. In this regard, it can be asserted that a Casper mattress can last for somewhere between 5 and 10 years and the lucrative 10-year warranty offered with the company should allow any individual to achieve that goal easily.

10. Casper Mattress Warranty:

A lucrative 10-year warranty is offered by Casper for its mattresses.

1. The warranty is going to start as soon as the mattress is bought.

2. Customers purchasing these mattresses directly from the company or any certified marketer of the Casper products will only be provided with this limited warranty.

3. Casper is going to replace or repair any defective mattress during this period. Although the fees for returning any defective product will be covered by the company, the owner has to pay the charges for shipping back the defective product to them.

4. It is imperative for the owners to pay out the difference in case their defective product gets replaced by an upgraded model.

5. The original warranty coverage is going to continue in case any defective product is replaced or repaired with an identical model. However, if replaced by an upgraded model, a fresh warranty is going to be issued starting from the date when that particular upgrade was purchased.

6. In case the owner fails to provide a proper foundation so as to support the mattress, the warranty will not work in his case. According to the company, a proper foundation support will consist of the following:

  • A flat platform bed.
  • A contemporary box spring along with wooden slats plus a foundation which are not more than 4 inches apart.
  • A slatted base manufactured from wood with slats which are not more than 4 inches apart.

7. The subsequent product defects are going to be covered by the warranty:

  • Any physical issue which forces the mattress to crack or split apart from the normal wear and tear.
  • Indentations within the foam which are at least 1 inch deep and are not caused by any incorrect foundation support.
  • Manufacturing issues which affect the zipper of the cover.

8. The following are not going to be covered by the warranty:

  • Any repair or replacement because of any change in the sleep preference of the owner.
  • A normal increment in the comfort layer’s softness which doesn’t influence its ability to minimize pressure.
  •  Any liquid damage, burn, stain, cut, or even tear which do not take place at the time of shipping or manufacturing and is caused by the owner directly while using the product.

9. Only the original purchasers of the products are going to receive the benefits of this warranty. Any individual buying or even obtaining this mattress secondhand will not be provided with any warranty from the company.

11. Casper Mattress Discount:

Casper is going to offer discounts to their clients from time to time during purchase. This particular amount is going to vary from $50 to $75 irrespective of the mattress size. Casper does not offer any advertised or formal promo code and any individual who has bought the product will receive a referral link. This link will provide him with $50 to $75 off the purchase by the company.

12. Casper Mattress Return Policy:

Any client will be allowed to try every single mattress from Casper for as many as 100 nights from the day of receiving them. In short, this risk-free and post-purchase trial is going to serve as the company’s return policy. In case you do decide that the mattress is not appropriate for you, you will be sent a return partner for removing the mattress from your residence, donating it to any local charity or getting it recycled.

The customer will be offered a prepaid UPS label for the product so as to ship it back to the manufacturer without paying anything at all. In any case, the original form of payment is going to be refunded fully. Here, it should be mentioned that the interest paid is not going to be refunded with financed orders.
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13. Casper Mattress Pros:

1. Excellent construction:

The company makes use of a fantastic blend of memory foam as well as latex combined with all-hypo allergic materials.

2. Fast and free shipping:

100% free shipping is provided by the company for Canada and the US.

3. Lucrative warranty plus a simple return policy:

The manufacturer is going to offer a lucrative 100-day trial period including a totally free product pickup along with the full refund. Meanwhile, every purchase mattress will include a 10-year warranty.

4. Innumerable showrooms:

Casper can boast of its own showrooms in Los Angeles and New York and it has also partnered with West Elm retailers which will allow you to try the product physically at any of the 70 odd branches.

14. Casper Mattress Cons:

  • Might appear to be too firm.
  • Might not be ideal for heavier individuals.
  • Average-quality edge support.
  • Not fully organic.
  • Can get damaged particularly in the folding areas while being delivered within a box.
  • Users might need some time to get used to the mattress.

15. Our Verdict on Casper Mattress:

Thus, after going through this above-mentioned Casper mattress review, it is now evident that these products are amongst the most popular mattresses on the planet at present. Casper has the reputation of being one of the first companies to manufacture an innovative mattress-in-a-box. All these products are extremely comfy and also come at a reasonable price.

Moreover, the customer service is quite decent and you can be assured of getting fully refunded in case you do face any issues with the product during the warranty period. These products can last up to as many as 10 years which is quite remarkable for any mattress at such an affordable price. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that if you happen to be somebody who prefers slumbering on a medium-soft bed, Casper will definitely live up to your expectations.

16. Where to buy Casper Mattress?

Our last topic in this detailed Casper mattress review will be the places from where it will be feasible to purchase these products.


It will be possible for any person to chat with any sales representative on the company’s website who will answer all his queries. Besides the signature products, the Casper site likewise markets pillows as well as sheets.

2. West Elm

Here, you can look for any Casper mattress physically at approximately 70 outlets throughout the country. While shipping plus returns are absolutely free, you will also be offered with a promo code upon purchasing a Casper mattress which will reduce the cost by $50 on your subsequent furniture purchase from West Elm.

3. Target

Target has been marketing Casper mattresses online since June 2017. Apart from this they also sell other products like pillows, sheets plus duvets as well.

4. Amazon

You will come across Casper products on Amazon too. In case you are an Amazon Prime member, some sizes will be obtainable for free 2-day delivery. In fact, it is recommended to buy Casper mattresses from and there are various reasons for doing so.

Firstly, Amazon will offer you the best prices available anywhere. Moreover, their customer service is excellent and you should never have any issue with receiving any item after placing an order. On top of this, Amazon offers some of the best shipping rates out there which will help you to save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Lastly, all the products available on come with a lot of reviews from the previous customers which will help you to decide exactly which item to go for.