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Top 5 Best 100 Day Free Trial Mattress Review


Different mattresses come with different properties and advantages to the buyers. The main feature at the moment is the 100 day free trial mattress. Most mattress sales understand that if you stay long with something like a mattress you will get used to it and end up liking it.

Working of the trial sleep phase :

When you buy a 100 day free trial mattress, you are given 100 days to decide if you are satisfied with the mattress that you have bought. If you realize that the mattress you have bought is not the right one for you, you are free to contact the sale for return. You will only get a full refund if you stay and use the mattress for more than three weeks which is 100 days or more.

With all that information in mind, below are top 5 best 100 day free trial mattress review that you should consider buying from Amazon.com

05. Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Queen Size Mattress

Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Queen Size Mattress is a latex hybrid innerspring mattress that is affordable, and it is designed for people who like spring mattresses. It is made with a Talalay technology which includes a latex layer that gives you comfortable sleep and responds to your movements instantly thus giving you pressure relief and a sweet nap.

The latex is organic, and it works well in fighting against mite, dust, mold, and temperature regulating. The natural latex in the mattress has been tested, and it has passed the fundamental requirements of 1633 federal fire test.

If you regularly have shoulder, waist and back problems, this cushion firm mattress will cater for you. The latex layer is responsible for taking care of all the pressure points and numb muscles that are responsible for orthopedic. It is also good for those people who like sleep on their stomach, side or even back.

If you have been long for a mattress that will stay for long without developing bad smells, Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Queen Size Mattress is the best in that. It is breathable, comfortable and has an impressive lifespan that you will never find anywhere. With this mattress, you can sleep on the floor or even use it on any bed that you have.

Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Queen Size Mattress is CertiPUR-US approved meaning that it does not have any harmful products like heavy metals, allergens, and bad odor. Thus if you are allergic, this is the best mattress for you.


• Comes with 120-day free trial
• It is very comfortable
• Good for all types of sleepers
• Mite, and mold proof
• Has a warranty of 20 years


• It is a bit heavy

04. Queen Size Leesa Mattress

For a universal mattress that gives you comfort, Queen Size Leesa Mattress is the best in that. It is designed to cater to all types of sleeping positions and styles thus making you sleep comfortably. Queen Size Leesa Mattress is made with three layers that are well crafted for comfort and body recovery from all types of pain and tiredness.

It has Avena foam that helps in allowing free flow of air and gives freedom for air circulation. It also has two more layers that are made to accommodate your body well and ensure that you are safe at all times. The top layer is made to with a high-quality layer that will give you a cooling and some bounce while you are sleeping.

This mattress is made in the USA thus making durable and approved for human use. The good thing about it, you will only take one night to fall in love with this mattress. When you are purchasing this mattress, you have 100% money back guarantee thus making it risk-free.

If you love conserving the environment, you can join the Leesa social community which is responsible for taking care of the environment. For instance, they donate one mattress when they sell ten mattresses, and they also plant one tree from every mattress they sell.


• Proudly made in the USA
• 100% risk-free with money back guarantee
• Made from quality foam that gives a nice cooling bounce
• The return policy includes free shipping
• Can accommodate all sleeping styles
• It is 100 day free trial mattress too


• It can develop some odor if not taken care of well

03. NECTAR Queen Mattress

If you have never tested any product from NECTAR, then you should try NECTAR Queen Mattress. It is one of the fantastic products that you can buy and believe that you have the best mattress. It is made to provide cool sleeping which is comfortable and ideal for all types of sleepers.

If you buy it from Amazon, it comes with two premium free NECTAR pillows as a gift, and it has the most extended warranty. It also comes with 180 days of the free trial thus making it useful for testing. Lastly, this NECTAR Queen Mattress lets you sleep well while providing an ideal sleeping temperature throughout the night.


• Comes with 180 days free night trial
• Come with a lifetime warranty
• Give you 100% guarantee for your money back
• Good for skin sensitive people
• Come with two premium free NECTAR pillows


• Its price tag is a bit high compared with other types of the mattress of the same type

02. Lull Queen Mattress

Lull Queen Mattress is made from an imported material that consists of different types of materials. For instance, the top cover is made up of 90% Polyester and 10% Rayon. The side cover is made up of 36% Polyester and 64% Polypropylene. Lastly, the bottom cover is made up of 31% Rayon, 28% Polyester, 38% barrier coating and 3% Twaron. This combination of different materials makes the Lull Queen Mattress comfortable soft and breathable thus suitable for all types of sleepers.

The base layer is very durable, and it provides an exceptional sleeping experience for several years. The different mattress composition prevents the mattress from sagging and losing its shape. The gel infused layer which appears on the top is made to contour with your body thus allowing free movement of air thus pulling heat out of your body and letting you remain cool. If you are tired from the long day’s work, the proprietary layer that is made from foam will give you an optimal alignment for your body to rest.

As mention early in this top 5 best 100 – day free trial mattress review, these mattresses are made with high technology thus giving you a nice long sleep. For instance, lull queen mattress has three layers that provide you with support and comfort.


• It is rated 4.89 by Google out of 5-star rating
• Also has 100 free trial nights
• Has warranty of 10 years
• Made with three layers that thus giving you support and comfort
• It is the best choice for Amazon


• Needs a lot of air supply to prevent mold development

1. Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress

The Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress is made with the most current technology which combines T&N adaptive foam to create a fantastic mattress. It can provide bouncy while providing a perfect feel for your body. It also supports all types of sleeping positions which is not familiar with other types of mattresses. The foam allows compression thus making it easy for packing and transporting.

For the mattress to gain its size, it needs about 72 hours of rest from the day you open it. That time will help your mattress take in enough air thus retaining its shape. It will also expel the unpleasant odors that come with new mattresses.

The Tuft & Needle Queen Mattress is made from high-quality foam which is very different from the standard memory and latex foam. This high-quality foam lets you sleep tight while feeling sunk and cool. In short, it is a mix of not too hard and not too soft. That lets it give you high pressure and relief. If you are sleeping two on one bed, you can shift and move on the mattress without disturbing your bedmate.

Buying a mattress is a significant investment, there is no risk of losing your money if you do not like the mattress. You are given 100 free trial nights, and after that, you can return your mattress and get a full refund. It also comes with a 10-year warranty which provides you with more protection. The good thing with this mattress is, over 95%of the customers who have bought never return it. It is one of the fantastic mattresses that you can order from Amazon and enjoy sleeping on.


• It is made from high-grade foam
• Made from T&N adaptive foam
• Comes with 100-night sleep trial
• It is compacted while shipping thus easy to ship
• Provides bouncy while sleeping


• It needs 72 hours to expand and expel odor


After your days of trial are over and you want to return your mattress, you will plan for free pick up. With the above top 5 best 100 day free trial mattress review we believe that you will find the best mattress that will give 100 or more free trial days. The link under each product will help visit Amazon.com where you can compare your selected mattress with similar ones from the same company.

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